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It Follows

My, this place is looking dusty!

I will hopefully be doing a bit more posting here soon, as I’m hopefully going to DMing a 5th edition game sometime in the not-too-distant future.

For now, check out this blog post I wrote on It Follows for the International Gothic Association.

Townsfolk Story

I wrote a story for Bronwyn McIvor’s brilliant Townsfolk Project. You can read it here.

Podcast Halloween Episode

I’ve been featured on S.S. Librarianship once again, in Episode 9.  This time I talk about horror and its aesthetics as well as some of my favorite horror films and games.


I recently got to participate in a podcast, Episode 3 of the S.S. Librarianship (“We Sacrifice 3 Goats a Week, at Least…”), where I talk about Alignment, its weird history, and its often-problematic utility as a roleplaying tool.

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