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I made a big map for my D&D game and turned it into a poster for use during the game. It’s easily the most detailed thing I’ve ever drawn; it took me about a year working on and off on it in my spare time, mostly as a break from my dissertation or as a way to wind down in the evening. It’s entirely hand-drawn except for the lettering; I scanned a lot of 8-1/2″x11″ pages together, then edited them.

Here it is:

Hex_Poster Hex Big Map Hex Central East Hex Central West Hex East Hex NortheastHex NorthwestHex Southeast Hex Southwest Hex West

As you can see, it’s pretty detailed:

Downpour Heights Weftmart Warded Ward Infernal Basilica


Hex Session XIX – 5th Edition Actual Play – “Spring”


  1. Anonymous

    Any plans to publish this map? It’s awesome.

    • Thanks! I might see about options for publication at some point, though I’m not sure what those might be, realistically. Digital copies would be very unwieldy; it’s a 1.5 GB tiff file, currently, and reducing the resolution might lose a lot of detail. A physical copy might be too expensive to be practical. That said, I’ve got a lot of other info on the setting (write ups of all the districts and factions) and about 300 pages of adventure notes, so at some point I might try to figure out a suitable project for the setting. If you have any idea for suitable methods for publication let me know.

      • Anonymous

        How big would the file be as a jpeg?

        • Only 110 MB, could be pretty manageable I guess. Still too big to actually post here in full, but still, better. There is some detail lost – it doens’t look as good zoomed way way in – but everything’s still legible and it looks reasonably similar when zoomed a bit further out.

  2. This is absolutely amazing

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